I am Still Trying to Write (Again)

By Sunday, September 17, 2017

Okay, just 'Argh!', finally I am in this phase. When I can't write clearly like before and I just do shit thing --read: write my feelings--.

Honestly, I am still trying hardly to make this site more usefull. Without my feelings like I did in several days. My new activities, maybe make me so lazy to looking for new informations that happening. I think, my live now is about 'priority priority or priority'.

In this phase, I am forget important things that always make me has other live. Writing and journalism. I am not real journalist or writer. I just eh, yah, I just like writing and sharing everything that I hope will make reader think it's usefull.

But now, I am forget the reason why I learnt SEO, why I wrote constantly, and bla bla bla. Today, this site is more like online diary like in my childhood. Oh, c'mon, I am not childhood anymore, dude.

And, taddaaa, when I will share something usefull now, I am stuck in blank page. So difficult to write. Oh, God, I kill something that make me live :"(

Okay, bismillah, I will try to wake up and build this site again. But, eh, have ideas how I start it? (Honestly, I truely know the answer from my question is 'try to start without reason')

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  1. Mbak, saya lho vakum nulis blog sampe 3 tahunan, sedih rasanya kenapa saya bisa2nya vakum sebegitu lama hoho. Sekarang baru mulai nulis lagi, rebranding dari awal, dan nge-archive puluhan postingan lawas. Memang susah juga kalau sednag stuck nulis. Tetep semangat :')

    1. Iya, mbak :(( Makasih semangatnya. Ini tadi mau nulis, karena lama ndak baca2 juga kali, ya. Jadi susah banget nulis lagi :(( Ya Allah :(


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